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When it comes to your home or office, nothing sees heavier use than the floor. From muddy boots and soccer cleats at home to the ever-present threat of a spilled cup of coffee at work, your floor puts up with a lot over the course of its life.

Since its inception, Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC have served as the go-to company for home and business owners alike looking to make some upgrades to their floors. No matter what your square footage or budget is, Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC have the solution for you!


At Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC, we believe that quality flooring doesn't have to come with the hefty price tag it so often does. We've been in the flooring business for long enough to have established strong relationships with various suppliers of high-quality flooring products, which translates into greater savings for our clients!

Our customers love how we're able to provide them with hardwood and other flooring materials that are affordable while still being of high quality. There's no need to sacrifice quality in order to save a few dollars when at Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC you can save and still have a floor guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC understand that not having full access to your home or business during flooring work can be stressful, which is why we work hard to complete the project well within the prescribed time frame. Our top priority is to deliver service that exceeds our client's expectations, which starts with making sure to be as unobtrusive as possible. With an efficient team of skilled employees, Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC will have you enjoying your new floors in no time flat!


With a catalog of materials spanning from beautiful, long-lasting hardwood, to practical, durable laminate, Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC have something for every budget and style. We also offer carpets, for those looking to have something extra luxurious underfoot!

Each type of flooring has its benefits and maintenance needs, so before we start laying anything down, Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC takes care to go over the specific goals of each client, all so we can provide a flooring solution that makes sense.

Since the very start, Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC have worked to maintain its reputation as a reliable, skilled presence in the flooring world. Thanks to our commitment to customer service and care, Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC often work with the same clients more than once; after seeing the quality of work provided on one area of their home, homeowners regularly contact us for work on other areas!

Experience the different quality flooring can make in your home, and give Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC a call today.


The benefits of tile flooring are boundless. When you partner with Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC, our educated professionals will help you make your kitchen, bathroom, basement, and any other tiling project ideas come to life. Duggan Construction and Roofing LLCs advanced tools, technology and installation techniques, combined with the durability and moisture resistant quality of our tile will give your space a long-lasting beauty that is easy to clean.


  • Ceramic

  • Vinyl

  • Slate

  • Wood

  • Marble

  • Stone

Tile size matters and so do color options when it comes to customization.

We will match your vision by going above and beyond to offer a superior selection of:

  • Texture

  • Shape and size

  • Color

  • Material

Many of your community have been enjoying the benefits of tile flooring in every room. Call us today for a free quote on your vision, whether it be classical, contemporary or something totally unique to you, let us get to work on matching your surfaces with your personal taste and style.

Join us in our showroom to experience what many others already know. Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC professionals are committed to customer service and will work with you every step of the way, to fundamentally understand your space and the scope of your flooring project.

Selecting the perfect design, size, quantity, texture and shape for your project can be nerve-racking on your own. Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC will get it right the first time so you can enjoy life while our team takes care of measurements, installation, and delivery. You can have a mess-free, worry-free, hassle-free flooring experience from start to finish – Just give us a call or stop by our showroom to get started now.


We have been delivering and installing tile flooring in your neighbor’s homes and businesses for years. We know that preparation is essential to an expertly laid tile floor that will stand up to moisture and pass the test of time with flying colors. Let us take the guesswork out of tiling for you. Our installation team is highly trained and works efficiently and respectfully to ensure your surfaces are covered with precision and in a timely manner so you can get right to enjoying your newly renovated space.


Get inspired hardwood, laminate or engineered wood flooring from your partners at Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC. With years of experience, we specialize in connecting you with a selection of materials at a cost per square foot that will make you want to celebrate.


  • Solid - offers a classic, timeless look

  • Available in assorted lengths to achieve a variety of authentic looks and designs

  • All boards share uniform width and thickness for ease of use when interlocking

  • Can be sanded several times to increase longevity even further


  • Stain and wear-resistant, ideal for families and unbeatable durability for high traffic areas

  • Ideal for basements and bathrooms – moisture resistant and covers concrete or subfloors

  • Available in a range of thicknesses to achieve seamless transitions

  • Can be sanded to increase longevity


  • Versatile and exciting patterns, lengths and widths

  • Resistant to fading, stains, scratches, and wear

  • Really easy to clean and maintain

We have a massive inventory of wood flooring to choose from, including different finishes, brands and species of wood.

Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC specialists will work with you to understand your space so we can assist you in choosing the best match to achieve ambiance in your newly renovated area. Once wood type has been determined we will deliver the best color and design selection available.


Let us take the stress out of installation for you. Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC experts have been installing wood flooring for decades and our commitment to customer satisfaction is something we have taken pride in since the beginning.

Our installation team works quickly and respectfully to ensure your floors are installed properly and seamlessly using state of the art installation tools and technology. We understand that preparation is everything when it comes to installing beautiful and long-lasting wood flooring in your home and Duggan Construction and Roofing LLCs trained specialists will ensure the finished result is everything you expected and satisfaction is guaranteed.


Don’t worry about delivery, we’ve got you covered. At Duggan Construction and Roofing LLC, we have streamlined the process to include our value delivery service. Why worry about lifting, transporting and unloading heavy boxes when Duggan Construction and Roofing LLCs delivery team can make sure the materials are at the renovation site on time, when you need them.

Call us now for a free quote on the wood flooring of your choice or to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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